5 Apps for Tempting Commenting & Other Language!

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5 Apps for Tempting Commenting & Other Language
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Temptation can be hard but when we tempt for commenting- we don’t want to hold back.  With that in mind, we thought about some comment tempting apps.  We found many great free or close to free apps  that are very likely to tempt commenting from everyone who plays.  Commenting, by definition, is a social reason to communicate.  So be sure to ‘app together’ when the purpose of app play is to ‘tempt’ commenting.

  1. Toca Boca Paint My Wings Cool Commenting About–  The beautiful symmetrically painted butterflies, The humming of the butterflies during drawing, & the language modeling of comments from the butterflies when touching them and saving their picture (i.e, ‘oh fancy’, ‘I’m not ticklish’, ‘Awesome’, ‘that’s a pretty color’- should I have quoted the butterfly??) .
  2. Nasa Lunar Electric Rover Simulator– Cool Commenting Because – It is easy to crash, run out of power, and get stuck. It is also very likely that you will be tempted to comment on the new information presented about space, the moon, and the ‘missions’.Thanks Speech Techie- Sean Sweeney for alerting us to this very ‘commentAble’ app.
  3. The Mouth- Talking Doodles – Cool Commenting- to activate this app  This app has funny mouth shapes that repeat what you say and move just like a mouth. If you know Talking Tom Cat app,  then envision a Talking Mouth, but with different mustaches, teeth, etc.  Then you can talk with your mouth or AAC device and the ‘mouth’ will repeat you with funny mouth movements. Commenting is what you do to listen and watch this app work. Wow, all I do is want to comment on this app because of the fun I had exploring and talking to myself (I guess it was late).
  4. Action Movie Cool Commenting When– You get to create your own realistic movie with title and director credits which is commenting worthy in and of itself.  The video taping of your surroundings, might be enticing enough for more comments but then main commenting temptation becomes obvious when a car crashes or a rock drops on your scene.  For using Action Movie App in a variety of great language building activities, check out a great review on Therapy App 411  (The app purchaser will also want to comment on its price- FREE)
  5. Disney Explorer Cool Commenting Because- Disneyland and Disney World are a favorite place for many kids (& adults). Disney Explorer allows you to explore the lands and towns…. with beautiful realistic graphics that are  certainly comment tempting especially when favorite characters appear and music intensifies or changes.   With taps you might be tempted to comment on the written descriptions, pop ups with animations, or short silent movies. Everyone will probably also be tempted to comment about Disney and personal experiences especially if you set up play with the app and some photos from past trips. (The app purchaser will also want to comment on its price- FREE)

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