Presentation Handouts on AAC Implementation

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Presentation Handouts on AAC Implementation
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It’s hard to get to every conference where high-quality information on AAC implementation is being shared. Here are some handouts on AAC implementation from presentations you may have missed.

  1. Models of Parent-implemented AAC Intervention for Children with Severe Autism (Wendt, et al 2014)
  2. AAC in the Pediatric ICU/Acute Care: Preparing a Child for an Upcoming Hospital Admission (Santiago, 2013)
  3. Teaching Preschoolers with Unintelligible Speech to Produce Rule-Based Sentences: AAC Solutions (Binger, 2014)
  4. Supporting Beginning Storytellers Who Use AAC (McLellan, 2014)
  5. Strategies for SLPs Working with Students with AAC Needs in Schools (Phillips, 2014)
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