PrAACtically October: A Year of Core Vocabulary Resources

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PrAACtically October: A Year of Core Vocabulary Resources
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It has been so exciting to hear about the growing number of classrooms, therapy sessions, and families who are prioritizing high-frequency core words with AAC learners. Whether you are using a high tech SGD, AAC app, or no-tech communication boards/books, core vocabulary teaching can play a powerful role in building language skills.

If you are following along with our 2013 Year of Core (first set with 12 words/month) or the 2014 A(nother) Year of Core: (second set 16 words/month; Different than the previous year’s core words), you may have printed out some of the word cards to use with the AAC learners in your life. Thanks to the kindness of PrAACtical AAC readers (Bill and Lori Binko, Heidi LoStracco, Alison Wade, Russell Cross, Gail Van Tatenhove, Eric Sailers, Rachael Langley, Laura Kessell, Christine Bayley and others) we have a variety of resources to explore.

Once you have them, the idea is to use those to plan learning activities that focus on those particular core words for the month. Our words for this month are as follows.

Set 1 (2013): another, change, every, for, idea, pretty, say, start, thank you, think, try, under

Set 2 (2014): afternoon, break, food, hide, hold, if, keep, medium, most, never, party, picture, quick, stop, story

  1. Templates for you to plug in your own symbols: 2013 words, 2014 words
  2. Minspeak/Unity version: 2013 words
  3. PCS versions: 2013 words, 2014 words 
  4. Lesson Pix: 2013 words 
  5. Symbol Stix: 2013 words

We can highlight these as we talk, teach specific lessons to strengthen use of the words, and model them throughout the day. Here are some suggestions for sentences using the first sent (2013) of words. Laura Kessel for putting this together.


PrAACtically October

As we all know, story reading is a great way to highlight core words, build fluency with AAC, and support literacy development. Christine Bayley graciously provided some book suggestions and I added a few of my own.

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  • Kelly says:

    Wow! The pre-generated list of core vocabulary organized by month + pre-made picture supports organized by symbol system + sample sentences for contextualized learning and now the book list organized by featured core word?!? So many fantastic resources in one place! Thank you for making this all available. Not only am I able to cut down my material prep time, but having all of these resources within one blog post makes this a very shareable resource for teachers and SLPs alike. Thank you to all who contributed. 🙂

    • Avatar photo Carole Zangari says:

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, Kelly! This is exactly why we band together to put create these resources. AAC interventionists need to stick together and support one another. I’d love to hear how the materials end up being received on your end. And here’s one more resource that may be of use to you and your team: Rachael Langley’s core word calendar of practice ideas at Hope these things prove to be helpful. 🙂

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