PrAACtical AAC Question of the Month: Who Is On Your AAC Team?

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PrAACtical AAC Question of the Month: Who Is On Your AAC Team?
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Once a month we like to turn the tables and see how PrAACtical AAC readers respond to a quick question. Our first AAC Question of the Month asked: What AAC skill is your biggest strength?

Here’s how readers weighed in.

 Aided language input  38.1%
 Coaching communication partners  9.5%
 Assessment  8.3%
 Creating visual supports  7.1%
 Programming SGDs/AAC apps  6%
 Teaching early communicative functions  6%
 None, I don’t feel strong in any of these areas.  4.8%
 Collaborating with other service providers  3.6%
 Supporting AAC families  3.6%
 Report-writing and documentation  2.4%
 Supporting eye gaze users  2.4%
 Signing  1.2%
 PECS  1.2%


Today, we turn our attention to AAC teams and who is one them. In the textbook, there are lots of disciplines listed but there is probably wide variability in which ones actually participate in AAC teams in different parts of the world. Take a minute, if you can, to tell us which people are on the AAC teams in your life.

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