AAC Teamwork: Encouraging Colleagues – PrAACtical Tool #1

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AAC Teamwork: Encouraging Colleagues - PrAACtical Tool #1
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Do you feel it? Something really important is happening in schools across the world. AAC implementation is getting stronger! SLPs, educators, paraprofessionals, administrators, AT specialists, OTs, and families are doing their best to support students with AAC needs.

It isn’t easy, though. To keep things moving in the right direction, we have to continue to recognize and support one another. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing tips and tools to do just that.

To get the ball rolling, here’s a printable that can be used as a bookmark or tag. Print both pages, assemble them front-to-back, and laminate.  Share them with colleagues and families who are with you on this journey to acknowledge their efforts, celebrate their successes, and empower them as advocates.

AAC Teamwork: Encouraging Colleagues - PrAACtical Tool #1

You can download them here or visit the AAC eToolbox and peruse the Downloads section.

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  • Mary Ellen Schattman says:

    re practical tool# 1. I think side one is perfect. side 2 seems to downplay or negate side 1. either it is communication or it is a tool. either it is always available, or just something to strive for ( in the most awkward phrasing possible)

    side 2 should have the same wording as side 1 with a boy super hero. the superhero can be the student and/or the teacher and/or a parent.

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