Language Experience Surveys: 8 Fun Ideas

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Language Experience Surveys: 8 Fun Ideas
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In a previous post, we talked about the fun ways to get in some good AAC practice with language experience surveys. Here are some great examples of survey-related materials that we found on one of our favorite communities, Boardmaker Share.

  1. Hot Chocolate Survey by Sharon Maack-ConnollyLanguage Experience Surveys: 8 Fun Ideas
  2. What I Did Over the Holidays by Becki Ratcliffe
  3. I Can (corresponds with MeVille to Weville but also good for any core language practice) by Alison R
  4. Songs About America by Kate Ahern
  5. How Do You Like to Travel by Vicki Clarke
  6. My Opinion: Pets by Vicki Clarke
  7. How Do You Get to School by Tiffany Paul
  8. What is Your Favorite Fast Food Restaurant by Tiffany Paul

We’d love to hear more prAACtical ideas for using language experience surveys.

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