Math, Science, and AAC

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Math, Science, and AAC
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In an earlier post, we began sharing content on AAC and inclusion based on articles from ASHA’s Special Interest Group (SIG) quarterly publication, Perspectives on AAC. Although the final versions are available only to SIG members, clearance has been given to post the original articles.
Math, Science, and AAC
Today, we are pleased to share the work of Michele Boruta and Kara Bidstrup. In this article, they discuss a process for using standards‐based math and science curricula to build the linguistic competence of students who use AAC. In the US, there is an increasing focus on using the curriculum as the launching point for all IEP-driven intervention. Though the mandate for using curricula as the context for therapies is not new, many SLPs are still getting comfortable with this approach. We hope this article provides some prAACtical guidance for therapists who are striving to integrate AAC teaching with curriculum content.

Thank you to Ms. Boruta and Ms. Bidstrup for allowing us to share their work. You can access the original version of the article here. We also extend our appreciation to the AAC SIG for their work, especially the efforts of Gail Van Tatenhove, guest editor, and Sandy Grether, editor of Perspectives on AAC.Math, Science, and AAC

The reference for the published version of this article is as follows:
Boruta, M., & Bidstrup, K. (2012).  Making it a reality: Using standards‐based general education science and math curriculum to teach vocabulary and language structures to students who use AAC.  Perspectives on Augmentative and Alternative Communication, 21:99‐104.

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  • Maureen W says:

    Fantastic article!
    Any similar links for early literacy/reading/writing and numeracy for kindergarten/early elementary?
    I am researching curricula for my son who uses AAC, also has Down Syndrome.
    What journals are available online that are good to review?

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