Make It PrAACtical: DIY Switch-accessible Scanner

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Make it PrAACtical: DIY Switch-accessible Scanner
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A few years ago, I ran across someone who had difficulty getting the school staff to scan documents for an AAC learner who needed them to be in electronic format for accessibility purposes. The problem ultimately got solved when we helped the student program in two prestored messages to her SGD.

The first was a politely-worded attempt at self advocacy: “Can you please scan this for me?”

It usually worked, but when it didn’t, the student was able to follow-up with a second message. “It’s in my IEP.”

The image of this young lady advocating for her needs still makes me smile. So when I ran across an adaptation that makes document scanners switch-accessible, I knew I had to share the Instructable with you. Kudos to Irete Hamdani and her colleagues for this wonderful modification.


Make It PrAACtical: DIY Switch-accessible Scanner

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