Site of the Month: AT Makers

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Site of the Month: AT Makers
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We’ve been writing about the Makers Movement for awhile, and couldn’t be happier with the way that the AT community has embraced it. When we posted a video about one of their DIY switch mount projects a few months ago, we were impressed by the number of you who asked for more. In today’s post, we dig deeper into this area by highlighting the AT Makers site.

The AT Makers site aims to be a meeting place for AT specialists, Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) and Robotics Clubs/Teams, and engineers.

Here are the highlights:

  • Glossary: DIY AT  projects sometimes involve people from various backgrounds working together to solve problems. This handy glossary helps us speak the same language.
  • Tutorials: The site currently has project plans, supply lists, videos, and directions for AT-related projects that it offers to the global community. For now, there are just a handful of projects that are listed, but, more will be added as the movement grows. Click here to see tutorials that are currently available.

You can also join them at their AT Makers Facebook page.

If you’re a problem-solver by nature and interested in leveraging the efforts of your local community in order to benefit people with disabilities, we encourage you to explore this site and brainstorm the possibilities with your local friends and colleagues. We’d love to hear from any of our prAACtical friends who get involved and bring more AT to their community.


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