Keep Learning About Core Words- 8 More Things to Do For Autism Acceptance Month

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Keep Learning About Core Words 8 More Things to do for Autism Acceptance Month
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Hot Air BalloonsApril is Autism Awareness/Acceptance month.  It is exciting that there have been so many positive messages and activities around schools, communities, the country, and even the world.  It has been great that AAC and visual supports have been incorporated into many educational and communication programs (hopefully soon a ‘tipping point’, so that ALL students who need AAC systems will have them).

One of the next ‘tipping points’ that would also be great to see is with the use of core words on communication displays. ‘Core Words’ are our Strategy of the Month and we are writing about the first 12 through the first 36.

More on Teaching Core VocabularyBut, if you want more background information or to go well beyond 36 core words (which is the goal), Here are 8 More Things To Do For Autism Acceptance Month:

  1. Take a look at AAC Language Lab for Core Word Information

  2. Read ASHA- A Few Good Words

  3. Watch or show a colleague  Language Stealers for a powerful message about core words

  4. Read or review Gail Tatenhove’s Normal Language Development, Generative Language & AAC

  5. Follow PrAACtical AAC’s April Strategy of the Month- Core Words

  6. Use and share  PrAACtical AAC’s A Year of Core Vocabulary

  7. Take a look at AAC Core Word Vocabulary Pinterest Board’s by Carolann Cormier or Lauren Enders

  8. Shop for Core Words (accessories): at  Katie Ahern’s Teaching Learner’s with Special Needs On-line Shop and get core word illustrated pencil cases, coaster tiles, mugs, and more. (We must have one shopping option, but it is educational)

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