How I Do It: AAC Practitioners, Part 2

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How I Do It: AAC Practitioners, Part 2
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If you like learning from AAC professionals who support individuals with complex communication needs in schools, clinics, online, and elsewhere, read on! We’re reaching back in the archives again on this Throwback Thursday to hear about their experiences, perspectives, suggestions, and materials. You can see the previous post on this topic here.

How I Do It

Angela Adams

Katie Bernadkin

Rebecca Bright

Karen Natoci Florka

Carole Zangari

Rachael Langley

Georgia Karavias

Laura Tarver

Carol Goossens’

Harmony Turnbull

Deanne Shoyer

Alicia Garcia

Kristen Powell

Marlene Cummings

Kim Hurley

Lauren Enders

Jane Farrall

Sarah Gregory

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