Apps to Prepare, Learn, & Talk About Summer Vacations

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Apps to Prepare, Learn & Talk About Summer Vacation
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Vacations are great! But all  great vacations need preparation because new experiences and change can be stressful even if the stress is good. Vacations are also opportunities for lots and lots of meaningful language experiences. Here are some apps specific to vacations but also don’t forget your schedule apps (e.g., Choiceworks, Kids Calendar, etc) or your story creations apps (e.g., Pictello, Story Creator, iCreate… Social Skills Stories, etc.) to customize for specific personal vacations.

Prepare, Learn, & Talk About Summer Vacations

My Little Suitcase by Moms with Apps

Packing for Vacation- Prepare your suitcase for Traveling

Bogga Vacation

Planes by Byron Barton     

Miko Goes on Vacation: An interactive bedtime story book for kids about Miko’s first beach holiday, where he enjoys swimming and making new friends, by Brigitte Weninger illustrated by Stephanie Roehe.   

Roxie’s a MAZEING Vacation Adventure

Lucy’s First Flight: A Geography Story Panda Book    

What I Did on My Summer Vacation

Build a Vacation Brag Book for iPad




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