AAC Posts from PrAACtical Week #12: March 2020

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AAC Posts from PrAACtical Week #12: March 2020
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Greetings, AAC friends. It’s been a week marked by stress and changes for all of us, and you probably didn’t have a chance to do much AAC reading. Here’s what we’ve been up to.

Monday – PrAACtical Resources: Dealing with the Covid-19 Pandemic (Updated 3/21)

Tuesday – AAC Link Up

Wednesday – Video of the Week: On Writing AAC Goals

Thursday – PrAACtical Resources: Online AAC Support for Families During School Closures

Friday – Telepractice in AAC: Calling All Providers

Can you stick around for some more? We’re listing a bunch here for you to pick from.

Stay safe and healthy, AAC friends. We have important work to do and we can’t afford to lose a single one of you.

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