Telepractice in AAC: Calling All Providers

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Telepractice in AAC: Calling All Providers
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We can’t do everything, but we can all do something. Here at PrAACtical AAC, we’re doing what we can to provide information that will help AAC users, families, and professionals survive and thrive as we adjust to a new normal. With increasing restrictions due to the coronavirus, there is an increased need for AAC telepractice services, a form of service delivery that we first wrote about many years ago. If you are an AAC practitioner who has room for additional clients and are willing to allow for the public sharing of your information, we invite you to complete this form. The results will be shared publicly so do not include any personal information or contact information that you do not want to share in this space.

Edited – Use this link to download a document with the information provided voluntarily for release on PrAACtical AAC: . This is for informational purposes only, and by accessing it you release PrAACtical AAC from any responsibility. No endorsements should be assumed and no vetting of these providers was done.

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This post was written by Carole Zangari


  • Hi! I have been providing AAC therapy for almost 12 years and intensively for almost 8… I haven’t done telepractice before but I am oh so willing to learn and help in any way I can! Where can I find the best way to make this happen so I can help out! Thanks so much!!

  • Jen M-P says:

    My understanding is that tele therapy providers need to be licensed in both their state and the state where each client resides. I don’t know if restrictions are loosening, but that might be something to include in your form.

    • Avatar photo Carole Zangari says:

      Jen, that’s correct. We’re not including questions on funding b/c this is a global audience. What we do here in the US is different than the funding systems in the UK, Australia, etc. and I wasn’t able to get into that level of detail here. It’s just too complicated. Hopefully, people in need of these services will reach out to possible service providers for more information, including payment and funding options. Fingers crossed that this effort helps both providers and AAC users!

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