AAC Immersion- Happy Mother’s Day!

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flowersWe were just having some in-depth conversations about AAC and making a difference. AAC intervention needs to be part of more than speech-language therapy.  It needs to be a way of life, a communication and language interaction style, and fully immersed into all interactions. There are some Mom’s who make this happen. We have written about some of them in Getting From Here to There . But there are more (many more) and for awhile now some have been blogging about their AAC & visual language adventures. Here are just a 5 awesome posts from moms who share AAC rationales and meaningful AAC & language  experiences. Learn from the best.

Beach Trip (And AAC on the Road) by Dana Nieder–  Uncommon Sense

Halloween & AAC  by Deanne Shoyer –  Small But Kinda Mighty

Her Eyes Shows She Knows by Catriona– Living With Rett Syndrome 

An Open Letter to the Parent of a Child with Speech Delays by Dana Nieder–  Uncommon Sense

Draw It, Process: It Storyboarding & Autism   by Brenda Rothman– Mama Be Good 

Thank you to all the moms who share their experiences.

Mom assembling communication book

AACtual Therapy


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