Literacy: Cookies & Core

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Cookies & Core
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Letter cookies ikeaIt is International Literacy Month.  We always like to celebrate with food. So when we found these cookies at Ikea we just had to get them, use them, and of course eat them.  Here is one of the activities we used with these delicious cookies. Can you guess the goals?

Let Me See it- Spelled in cookies  To create a meaningful language experience, we started with the cookies in a closed brown bag (communication temptation) and “like it” spelled out on the table.

Like it Out- spelled in cookies Then we took the box of cookies out, spelled “like it”, waited expectantly and after prAACtice with spelling and saying in/out, more prAACtice and Aided Language Input, the student used the cookies to add “out”

So the cookies were taken out.  We had a yummy snack.

Then it was time for recess but before cleaning up, the student does this:

push me- spelled in cookies Apparently he wanted to go on the swing first.


Note:  Other visual supports/AAC strategies used during this activity:

  1. Core word AAC display/device
  2. Daily Schedule- Speech Time, Recess (vertical schedule)
  3. Mini Schedule- Cookie Spelling: 1. Spelling 10 words 2. Setting Table, 3. Eating 4 cookies, 4. Cleaning up (vertical schedule)
  4. Number Organizer- numbers 1-10 to keep track of words spelled  number support 10-9 do it again or stop
  1. Eating Organizer- eating cookies- 4 boxes = done
  2. First Then Board- first spell 10 then have snack & eat cookies (in case eating cookies seemed better than spelling, however, once student realized we were going to definitely eat the cookies, he was ok spelling first).first spell then eat
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