35 AAC Posts You May Have Missed: April, 2012

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35 AAC Posts You May Have Missed: April, 2012
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PrAACtical AAC

Strategy of the Month

  1. From Disney Princesses to Houseplants: More on Building Communication Opportunities
  2. 5 Apps for Tempting Commenting and Other Language Functions
  3. Go Ape! 10 Commenting Communication Temptations
  4. PrAACtical Play: Creating Communication Opportunities with Favorite Toys
  5. How to Make Communication Temptations Really Work
  6. Mining Preschool Routines for PrAACtical AAC Opportunities.
  7. Meaningful Communication Opportunities

The Fives

  1. 5 ‘Go-To’ Sites for AAC and Visual Support Downloads
  2. 5 Apps for Tempting Commenting and Other Language Functions
  3. 5 AAC-Related Facebook Pages/Groups We Love
  4. 5 Tools and Tips for Making Transitions Easier
  5. 5+ Sites for Free AAC-Friendly Literacy Resources
  6. 5 eGames for Switch Users
  7. 5 AAC/AT YouTube Channels We Love

PrAACtical Thinking

  1. 49 Free or Lite Versions of AAC Apps
  2. A Myth About Visual Schedules Lives On
  3. PrAACtical Resources: Making Decisions about Reading Accessibility Options
  4. PrAACtical Resources: Toolkit for ASD
  5. PrAACtical Questions: How Do I Find Good AAC Service Providers?
  6. 10 Interesting Resources for Learning to Sign
  7. PrAACtical Resources: Free App for Medical Translation
  8. PrAACtical Alert: Free AAC App
  9. PrAACtical Alert: Confessions of a Former FC Facilitator
  10. What Works
  11. Modeling, AAC Style
  12. PrAACtical Resources: Communication Boards for Downloading
  13. Schedules and Choices
  14. HijAACked! Toca Boca Kitchen Monsters
  15. PrAACtical Questions: How Can I Get AAC Devices for My Evaluations?

Video of the Week

  1. Special Interest Areas and Students with ASD
  2. Gestures as Part of a Multimodal AAC System
  3. AAC in 5
  4. Schedule Changes
  5. AAC at Home: Visual Supports and Schedules
  6. The Precious Power of Play

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