32 AAC Posts You May Have Missed, October 2012

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33 AAC Posts You May Have Missed, October 2012
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32 AAC Posts You May Have Missed, October 2012
  1. PrAACtical Goals That Matter
  2. It’s All About Us
  3. Free & Lite Versions of AAC Apps + App Selection Resources
  4. Beyond Behavior Problems: How Visual Supports Can Help Our AAC Teaching
  5. Fire Safety Week Over, Need to Learn Strategies is Not
  6. Watch What You Heat- Fire Safety
  7. 3 Communication-Behavior Visual Support Power Tools
  8. Simple Start: Visual Supports for Places Around School
  9. Ain’t No Stopping Us Now!

Video of the Week

  1. No Introduction Needed
  2. A PrAACtical Look at Getting Started with AAC Symbols
  3. Creative Uses of the iPod for Students Who Use AAC
  4. Video of the Week: Helping Hands + Visual Supports
  5. A PrAACtical Look at the Incredible 5-Point Scale

Strategy of the Month

  1. Avoiding Insanity: AAC & the Pace of Change
  2. Strategy of the Month: Building Acceptance of AAC
  3. The Path to Acceptance
  4. AAC & Change: Some Thoughts on Influencing Behavior
  5. Building Acceptance for AAC: Sharing Information

AAC Awareness Month

  1. Global Day of AAC
  2. AAC Awareness Month: A PrAACtical Celebration
  3. It’s AAC Awareness Month- PrAACtical Giveaways
  4. PrAACtical Winners: AAC Awareness Giveaway # 1
  5. AAC Awareness Month Giveaway # 2
  6. PrAACtical Winners – Round 2
  7. Round 3: A PrAACtical Celebration & Giveaway

The Fives

  1. 5 Things SLPs Do That Discourage AAC Use
  2. 5 PrAACtical Uses for Flashcard Apps
  3. Don’t Ask: 5 Reasons to De-Emphasize Questions in Your AAC Therapy
  4. 5 Communication Apps to Consider for People with Aphasia
  5. 5 Great Tips, Tricks & Teaching Ideas- Fire Protection Week
  6. 5 PrAACtical Resources For Better Communication Experiences with HealthCare Providers
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