Watch What You Heat- Fire Safety

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Fire Safety
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PRACTICE FIRE SAFETY- watch what you heat.   It’s Fire Prevention Week 2012– October 7-October 15, 2012.  There are many Fire Prevention Week campaign resources available through the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).  Additionally, we learned that the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has incredible safety information for EVERYONE, All the time.  In exploring NFPA’s website, we saw the dedication in protecting ALL children and adults from the many dangers of fire.  The Safety Signals Project is another great fire prevention resource funded by Autism Speaks.  We are not super worriers by nature, but thought it is would be great time to update some our fire safety supports.
National Fire Prevention Association
Fire Safety- Specialized

The Safe Signals Project
(Thanks Autism Speaks, Ohio State University)
A Safety Program Safe Signals is a project that teaches fire and burn safety to teens and young adults with disabilities.  The Safe Signals Project includes a workbook and video that were created by health professionals and educators who had the chance to work with and learn from young adults on the autism spectrum.  The actors in the video are young adults with autism.

Ember 911

Be Safe!

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