Video of the Week: Safeguards for AAC Users

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Reducing the vulnerability of people with complex communication needs is something that all AAC service providers should be thinking about. In today’s featured video, which was part of the AAC in the Cloud Conference, AAC specialist Erin Sheldon helps us understand the issues and consider some of the things we can do to help AAC users have more autonomy and be less vulnerable. 

Many thanks to Erin and to the wonderful team at CoughDrop for this fine presentation. This is an important topic that we should all learn more about, AAC friends.

Erin’s handout is available here.

Title Slide for Erin Sheldon's Video on Safeguards for AAC Users

Link to the session on the CoughDrop site:
Direct Link to Video:
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  • Ellen Demarest says:

    I’m excited to have found this site, but can’t get any of your video links to work. Passwords/pointers are welcome.

    • Avatar photo Carole Zangari says:

      Ellen, I just tried the video from Chrome and Firefox and it worked both times. Could it be a setting on your computer or possibly internet issues? The post has 2 ways to access it (YouTube and the Conference site) and they are both working as of now. Sorry that you are having difficulty with this post!

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