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Published on January 15th, 2013 | by Carole Zangari

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5 Resources for Your AAC Therapy Designed by Teachers & SLPs

2012 was certainly the year that saw an explosion of SLPs and teachers authoring materials that they offer for sale. TeachersPayTeachers (TpT) is one of several sites that became popular this year and is credited with giving a huge boost to the movement. Here are some of prAACtical interest.  Resources for Your AAC Therapy Designed by Teachers & SLPs

  1. Kate Ahern’s Core Word Boards: This set of communication boards can be a big timesaver for anyone who wants to implement a core word approach and needs help in getting set up with some initial materials. (17 pp)
  2. Fun for Learning’s visual support with a Star Wars Theme. Use this (or one of her other thematic kits) to customize picture schedules and supports based on the learner’s area of interest. (Free)
  3. Working on semantics? This PowerPoint template for making vocabulary teaching supports from Jerilyn can be used to provide practice. (Free)
  4. Teaching interrogatives is something that most of us don’t do enough of in our AAC therapy. Lisa Geary’s visual support for WH questions  could be very useful for those who are working on this goal area. (Free)
  5. Many SLPs are helping AAC learners become better at identifying and communicating about their emotional states. ‘The Way I Feel’, by Mrs. Grauer, is a kit that can be helpful when teaching about the expression of feelings. (Free)

While you’re at TpT, visit the PrAACtical AAC site (not sure it’s actually a store since everything is free). We’d love your feedback on the AAC materials we posted.

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