Video of the Week: Learning About Social Stories

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Video of the Week: Learning About Social Stories
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Social stories(TM) are a type of narrative that are used to help learners with social pragmatic and other difficulties gain a greater understanding of a particular context, skill, or concept. For example, we may use social stories to help a preschooler understand what happens in a fire drill or at a birthday party. We may write social stories for a high school student who asks overly personal questions or talks only about their own favorite topics. First developed by Carol Gray, these stories are written using a specific process so that they meet 10 defining criteria. Both the process of writing social stories and the narrative structure that is used in this genre differentiates them from other types of social narratives.

You can see examples of well-written social stories here and learn more about the early history of social stories here.

Ready to get started learning how to write ‘real’ social stories? Today, we learn more about social stories from Katie Thomas, who explains more about the concept and how to develop them.

This archived presentation is available through the Tri-State ASD Webinar Series, which receives support from the Kansas Technical Assistance System Network (TASN), the Nebraska Autism Spectrum Disorders Network, and the Colorado Department of Education.  You can explore more offerings from this collaborative here. We are grateful to Katie and the TASN team for making this video available.

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