Video of the Week: Exploring the Complexity of CVI and CCN

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Video of the Week: Exploring the Complexity of CVI and CCN
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If you work with children with developmental disabilities, you almost certainly have worked with children who have some level of cortical visual impairment (CVI). In today’s featured video, Maren Barros and Kathy Howery team up to help us unpack the complex relationship between cortical visual impairment and complex communication needs. 

Kudos to Maren and Kathy for this wonderful information. Many thanks to the team at the Edmonton Regional Learning Consortium for creating this video and making it available to us all. We are grateful for their support of the AAC community through this archived webinar. 

Video of the Week: Exploring the Complexity of CVI and CCN

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  • Molly Weber says:

    Maron described using the tactile touch guide when using LAMP WFL. I am wondering if she recommends a specific way to start teaching the location of words to a student who is completely blind (i.e. starting in the corner, starting at the top of touch guide, etc.)

  • Jessicia Klenk says:

    One of my teams is using the one page PODD set-up. When the entire set is printed, it’s like 3 inches thick and a bit heavy. How are you keeping the set together? We currently have it bound with three rings.
    I’m also interested in your answer to Molly’s question. I’m on that team too. Hi Molly, thanks for sharing this amazing resource!

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