AAC for Students with Intellectual Disabilities: Basic Strategies for Immediate Results

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AAC for Students with Intellectual Disabilities: Basic Strategies for Immediate Results
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A good number of SLPs in school settings serve students with intellectual disabilities, some of whom who use or need AAC. In this video by ASHA, Dr. Krista Wilkinson and Ellen Kravitz of Easter Seals in Massachusetts, discusses many prAACtical issues that arise in doing this work. A number of years ago when I was the Coordinator for the ASHA Special Interest Division on AAC, I had the opportunity to work with a team of SLPs who were fully committed to educating SLPs about AAC.  Ellen spearheaded the effort to create this webinar, along with the support of Diane Paul, Karen Niles, and many other wonderful people at the ASHA National Office. We were delighted to host ASHA’s media team at our university SLP clinic to do some of the taping for this program. Thanks to the generosity of ASHA and ASHF, this presentation is offered both in the free version and for a modest fee, in a CEU version. It begins with a brief overview of AAC for people with intellectual disabilities and then continues to discuss intervention principles and strategies. Better Hearing and Speech Month seemed like the perfect time to feature this work. Enjoy!

AAC for Students with Intellectual Disabilities



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  • Lois says:

    Hello, I wondered if you had another link to this video (AAC for children with intellectual disabilities – basic strategies for immediate results) as when I click on it, it says the web page is not available. I’d really love to watch it! Thank you 🙂

    • Avatar photo Carole Zangari says:

      Lois, thanks for your question. Unfortunately, it looks like ASHA took this down. I think they only keep courses up for about 5 years and this one was past its expiration date. Sorry to see it go!

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