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AAC & iPads to the Beach- It’s PrAACtically Summer

June 1, 2012 by - Leave your thoughts

AAC & iPads at the Beach

Summer seems to have started in South Florida.  It is hot, really hot.  When it is really hot, swimming and water play seem to be a natural fit. We first promote the idea of water safety and make appropriate referrals.   But, we LOVE to promote communication in and around the water.  It used to be simple… no AAC devices too close to the water. We had some really cool no tech communication supports that worked in the water. We still use them. Has anyone made a communication kick board?  If not, we still highly recommend creating them. Stock up on clear contact paper.  Josh Harris, AAC Kickboard Style, (Photo taken from Tangible Symbol Systems Primer (free) 20-page document including basic information about tangible symbols, how to teach individuals to use tangible symbols to communicate and tips from parents and professionals http://www.designtolearn.com/uploaded/pdf/Tangible-Symbols-Primer-07-09x.pdf ) But now there are some great water protection iPad and... [Read More...]

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