AAC & iPads to the Beach- It’s PrAACtically Summer

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AAC & iPads at the Beach
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Summer seems to have started in South Florida.  It is hot, really hot.  When it is really hot, swimming and water play seem to be a natural fit. We first promote the idea of water safety and make appropriate referrals.   But, we LOVE to promote communication in and around the water.  It used to be simple… no AAC devices too close to the water. We had some really cool no tech communication supports that worked in the water. We still use them. Has anyone made a communication kick board?  If not, we still highly recommend creating them. Stock up on clear contact paper.
 Josh Harris, AAC Kickboard Style,
(Photo taken from Tangible Symbol Systems Primer (free) 20-page document including basic information about tangible symbols, how to teach individuals to use tangible symbols to communicate and tips from parents and professionals http://www.designtolearn.com/uploaded/pdf/Tangible-Symbols-Primer-07-09x.pdf )
But now there are some great water protection iPad and iPod cases. AND a Bonus Solar option. We are definitely going to try these this summer:
  1. Overboard  iPod & iPad   Phone/iPod $25.99 (MSRP ) iPad/Tablet $44.99 (MSRP)  
    • 100% waterproof iPad pouch
    • Floats safely if dropped in water
    • Guaranteed submersible to 19ft / 6m
    • Transparent front allowing full use of device features
    • Back window for iPad 2 rear camera support
    • Keeps out dust, sand, dirt and water
    • Made of environmentally-friendly biodegradable thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)
    • Works with any Tablet or E-reader
  2. AriCase ™ iPhone & iPad  
    Rock – iPad  
    $ 79.99 (MSRP)

    • Sandproof & waterproof to 3 feet
    • and has an adjustable supporting stand.
    • Available in Black, Yellow or White.

      Tide- iPhone  $39.99 (MSRP) 

    • Compatible with most 4G Smart Phones
    • Floats with provided floating lanyard (check buoyance before use)
    • Waterproof to 99 feet*
    • Sandproof
    • Fully functional touch screen
    • Communicate with phone in the case
    • Video above and under water (Touch screen functionality could be hampered under water depending on water pressure)
    • Protection from snow, rain, dust, and sand
    • Comes with yellow adjustable neck lanyard & yellow floating lanyard
    • Inner dimension: 4.90″ x 2.70″ x .55″
  3. DryCase-iPad and iPod  $59.99 (MSRP)
    • Waterproof Vacuum Seal
    • Stero Headphone & Mic Jack
    • Hold Handle
    • Crystal Clear
    • Works with any Tablet or E-Reader
    • Tested to 100 feet for 1 Hour
  4. LifeProof- iPod (iPad coming soon)  $79.99 (MSR)
    • Waterproof to rated depth of 6.6 Ft (exceeds highest international rating)
    • Crystal Clear photo and video quality under water
    • Can be used with waterproof headphones for sound
    • Designed for water immersion
    • Keeps water out, yet sound works for shower or rain
    • Available in Colors
With lots of Sun…. Extra For the Summer

KudoCase Solar           
$199.00 iPad 2 & iPad 3 (MSR)
(developer description)
    • Solar Power – New solar ink technology, works with outdoor & indoor light
    •  Average use is 10 days with 2hrs iPad use per day with average light
    • HDMI port built in – watch your iPad on the big screen
    • Automatic iPad Sleep and Wake built into the flap
    • USB Power Out – Charge your phone, bluetooth, camera… directly off the solar case
    • Battery backup – High capacity 10A battery built into the case to store excess energy created by the light
    • Keyboard Stand – Angle the iPad at a comfortable 15 degrees for easier typing
    • Movie Stand – Position the iPad into a landscape movie / receipe angle
    • Durable protection – Protect the iPad from any angle
    • Thin, only 7/8″ total thickness
    • Whistle Locator – Cant find the iPad? Simply whistle and the case will beep to let you know where it is
    • Environmentally Friendly
      • The worlds only organic solar panels
      • Housing is made from biodegradeable grains
      • Every online purchase includes a planted tree with the Arbor Day Foundation
We would love to hear about your AAC and Water Plans. Please Comment.
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