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3 Presentation Handouts with an Important AAC Message

November 27, 2013 by - Leave your thoughts

3 Presentation Handouts with an Important AAC Message

We don’t get to as many AAC conference presentations as we would like to, and are always appreciative when the speakers generously post their handouts online. Here are some that we think you might appreciate, too. Cathy Binger and Jennifer Kent-Walsh: What works in training partners of children who use AAC?  Penn State: We need more SLPs who are well-trained in AAC. Sarah Blackstone, Krista Wilkinson, and colleagues: We are not paying enough attention to the emotional development of children with AAC needs. Development of Emotional Competencies in Children with Complex Communication Needs: Implications for Practice and Research Sarah Blackstone, Krista Wilkinson, Jen Thistle, with Gabriela Rangel, Dale Epstein, & Jacob Feldman   If you know of other presentation handouts that prAACtical professionals might enjoy, please share the link below.  

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Still More AAC Handouts from ASHA, 2012

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Hope that many of our prAACtical friends are working on proposals for the 2013 ASHA Convention in Chicago. To inspire us all, here are five presentation handouts from previous annual conference. AAC: What Was, Is, & Hopefully Will Be by David Yoder Effectiveness of Telerehabilitation in AAC Service Delivery by Tanya Curtis Creating a Framework for AAC Evidence-Based Assessment by Elizabeth (Libby) Rush and Celeste Helling Determining Effectiveness of a Communication Program for Children With Autism by Meher Banajee, Timothy Morse, Angie Pardee and Morgan Weihing AAC & Autism: Collaboration, Training, & Data Collection in School by Amy Golding and Deidre King Good luck with those proposals!

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Day 4 of ISAAC, 2012

August 1, 2012 by - Leave your thoughts

ISAAC 2012, Day 4

Lots more ISAAC fun to tell about in Day 4! — My day started with a shorter version of the presentation on the preschool core language curriculum that I’m working on with Lori Wise. You can see the handout for that presentation here. — There is some fascinating work going on in the area in supporting the emotional development of children with AAC needs. Dr. Sarah Blackstone and colleagues talked about the developmental sequence in which emotional competence emerges.  They are working on an observation and interview tool used to collect information on a child’s emotional development and the caregiver strategies. They are planning a pilot study with the tool they are developing and actively looking for volunteers to use this tool with children who are developmentally between 12 months and 10 years. – Terry Foss and and Jane Korsten did an interesting presentation called Promptology 101 where they reviewed some... [Read More...]

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