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Building Acceptance to AAC- Accessibility

October 27, 2012 by - 4 Comments

Path to AAC Acceptance: Accessibility

It is AAC Awareness Month and everyone has really been spreading the word and helping to build AAC acceptance.  Participation barriers continue to prevent full AAC acceptance.  In order to help combat these obstacles it is necessary to talk about them,  deconstruct them, and attempt to build solutions.   So after going over  attitudinal barriers and information barriers, we need to discuss accessibility barriers.  It’s a shame that there are so many barriers to making AAC work, but we know that with awareness comes  improvement. Barriers of accessibility can be about motor, sensory, cognitive, literacy, or communication/language issues.  For this discussion though the focus is on accessing AAC to learn a comprehensive language in ALL modalities (i.e., talking, listening, reading, & writing).  The prevention of access to a comprehensive system is usually tied in to assumptions about cognitive and literacy skills. Although it seems that most professionals realiize that there... [Read More...]

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