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Video of the Week: Teaching Self Regulation Skills

November 30, 2016 by - 1 Comment

Video of the Week: Teaching Self Regulation Skills

When working with learners who use AAC, we often overlook instructional strategies or programs designed for students without disabilities or those with high incidence disabilities. That means we may be missing out on approaches that may be effective for our students. In fact, many AAC learners can benefit from well-designed instruction that was developed for individuals with different kinds of challenges.  In this week’s featured video, we return to one of our favorite sources of instructional information, Kansas TASN, to learn more about teaching young children to build their self-regulation skills. Dr. Kristie Pretti-Frontczak discusses a 5-step process for teaching self-regulation to young children during play, giving ample information on how to implement each step. While this approach may not be ideal for all AAC learners, it may well be helpful for some of the students with whom you work. Many thanks to TASN and KSDE Early Childhood, Special Education and... [Read More...]

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