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Pillow Talk: Mounting iPads/Tablets for Use in Bed

November 25, 2012 by - Leave your thoughts

Pillow Talk: Mounting iPads/Tablets for Use in Bed

We communicate whenever we’re awake, but sometimes it takes some creativity to find ways to provide AAC access when communicators are not in their main seating systems. It’s always a challenge to figure out mounting strategies so that communication options, whether they are no tech, low tech, or high tech, are always available. This video from the INDATA Project demonstrates an iPad/tablet mount from Charger City that can be used in bed. How cool would it be to use the iPad or Tablet for: Interacting while reading bedtime stories Having a little conversation about the day using the picture schedule app Saying prayers or talking about dreams Watching and listening to some meditation music/images Going over the schedule for the next day Independently reading a book before bed Pleading for ‘just one more’ story, kiss, song, or drink of water We’d love to hear your ideas on other ways to... [Read More...]

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