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Ain't No Stopping Us Now!

October 20, 2012 by - 1 Comment

Ain't No Stopping Us Now

Sometimes saying ‘no’ to the demands of the day actually helps us rejuvenate and allows us to be more productive. Saying ‘no to false information helps us to advocate for ourselves.  The ‘no’ topic seems to be trending now.  There have been quite a few blog posts and comments about the issue (Just Say No,   How and When to Give Your Students A Break).  We are so glad that this topic is getting more focus.  Of course everyone agrees that ALL people have the right to say ‘no’. But it is not always so simple. There are many types of ‘no’.  There is the outright ‘no’, the ‘no’ to more work, the ‘no’ for disagreement, the ultra important ‘NO’ to unwanted touching, and many more. And depending upon how you say ‘no’ is the difference between it being accepted or… NOT. The issue of saying ‘no’ gets more complicated when... [Read More...]

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