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Behavior-It’s All about Perspective: Funny Time in the Funny Area

July 21, 2012 by - 2 Comments

A ‘funny area’ is not a technique or strategy you will see in a behavior or speech-language therapy text-book.  But here is how we came to know and love ‘funny time’ & the ‘funny area’ A Little Background Tommy, a 9-year-old boy, seemed to be getting the ‘giggles’ each session. The graduate student clinician was not sure how to ‘control the situation’.  Tommy typically worked hard using his Vantage Lite to build long and complex sentences for communication during natural age-appropriate activities (i.e., golf, art, and reading).  But then the ‘giggles’ would start… and less and less communication was getting done. Initially, the clinician spent time redirecting Tommy.  She would have him sit straight, pay more attention, and re-focus, but in the long run it would be more about what the clinician wanted then about Tommy communicating.  We prompted the graduate student to think about how more could be accomplished,... [Read More...]

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