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Speech Supplementation Strategies

June 15, 2013 by - 6 Comments

Speech Supplementation Strategies

Anyone who has had a conversation with someone affected by aphasia is probably familiar with the ‘20 Questions’ approach to resolving communication breakdowns. Asking questions helps us take the piece of the message we understand (or think we do!) and build on that to gain more insight into the communicator’s intent. Take this exchange between a woman, Sandy, and her mother-in-law, Joan. Joan had a stroke a few years back and has both aphasia and dysarthria. Joan: “Gay” Sandy: “Gay? What do you mean, mom? Someone’s gay?” Joan: Shake head. “Gay” Sandy: “I’m not sure, mom. Gay?” Joan: “Gay” Points to the front door Sandy: “Kay? Are you telling me about Kay from across the street?” Joan: “Gay.” Nods Sandy: “What about Kay? Did she call?” Joan: Shakes head no Sandy: “Do I need to call her?” Joan: Shakes head no Sandy: “Did she stop by?” Joan: “Aaadihdih” Sandy: “Did... [Read More...]

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