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Using Aided Language Input to Build Communication Opportunities!

January 27, 2014 by - Leave your thoughts

Strategy of the Month using Aided Language Input to Build Communication Opportunities

We can not write, speak or do enough Aided Language Input (ALI).  If we expect learners to speak AAC, we must speak AAC to them. It is difficult enough to learn a language and imagine if no one spoke it to you in the language you were expected to speak…But there are so many more reasons to do ALI. Aided Language Input (ALI) belongs in the context of communication opportunities.  It is modeling AAC style.  Once we model a target language concept AAC style, then add the wait and signal strategy, the learner then knows it is their communicative turn.  Especially if you wait with the raised eye brow signal. They often will take their turn expressively. But, if they do not take the communicative opportunity to take their turn, there are gestural, visual, verbal, and physical prompts that can be implemented.  In other words, they can make use of... [Read More...]

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