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PrAACtical Alert

April 5, 2012 by - Leave your thoughts

PrAACtical AAC

Toca Kitchen Monsters – FREE, A GIFT FROM TOCA BOCA Wow, another amazing &  educational app from Toca Boca. Learn to cook and feed the Toca Kitchen Monsters. This app is really fun to play and it’s free (not even any in-app purchase opportunities). The educational part of this app can be focused on cooking and eating language concepts, sequencing of language, and  real-life skills (choosing food, cooking, and feeding or eating someone). Although the scope and sequence of this app is ‘real’, there is a main fantasy or pretend play aspect (other than the cooking and eating) – you are feeding funny looking monsters. This is  great because all pretending is symbolic and so is language! So get your Toca Kitchen Monsters now!  Look out for an updated post tomorrow about how we have HijAACked this app.  

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