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October PrAACtice Ideas- A Year of Core Words

September 24, 2013 by - 2 Comments

October PrAACtice Ideas- A year of core words

More core word prAACtice ideas. To make core word prAACtice most successful, make sure everyone has access to a core word AAC display and you have some clearly defined communication goals. Then select activities that encourage social interaction, have a shared focus, and are mostly about the process of learning.  Build in lots of communication opportunities to use specific target words for both you and the learner. For October, meaningful communication and language activities can include art projects, costume parties with photo’s, gardening/planting, and music/concerts.  October has so many great options for fun socially motivating activities that all you have to do is go have fun and model on. OCTOBER WORDS another “another turn” “have another one” “we need another surprise” “We hope he does another song for us” change “change clothes” “please give me change” “I need to change it for the other one” “She will change her mind... [Read More...]

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