The Joy of Reading- World Book Day.

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The Joy of Reading World Book Day
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Get ready for World Book Day ! Help spread the love of all things about reading. This is a day about the joy of reading more than the instructional aspects of reading. We are sure everyone has their own ideas about the fun in reading but we picture comfortable spaces, favorite books, favorite authors, and special times reading with someone special or even alone.

World Book Day is all about books, authors, illustrators, and of course reading . The idea is to celebrate reading and all that reading has to offer. March 7, 2013 is the 16th annual World Book Day.   Check out all of the resources, contests, and books available  on the official World Book Day website.

With the thought of reading as a celebration, here are some great resources for ALL readers


We are going to have so much fun preparing and celebrating World Book Day. We will share more pictures, activities,  & resources as it gets closer. We would love to hear all about your plans. Please share.




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