5+ Sites for Free AAC-Friendly Literacy Resources

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5+ Sites for Free AAC-Friendly Literacy Resources
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Reading is one of our passions and we love to address it in our therapy not just because of its importance but also because it is so much fun. Here are some of our current favorite places to visit for resources on AAC, reading, and writing.

1. Communication 4 All: See their literacy section for helpful resources –  http://www.communication4all.co.uk/HomePage.htm

2. The Bridge: Assessment protocol for literacy learning in people who use AAC by the Center for Literacy and Disability Studies at https://www.med.unc.edu/ahs/clds/resources/early-childhood-resources-1/the-bridge-assessment

3. Handout on adapting books by Pam Harris on the AAC Institute site at http://bit.ly/HQ7oHM

4. Printable Classroom Signs and Labels for Early Years at SparkleBox: http://bit.ly/xITodP

5. Mini books, book materials, resources for alphabet learning, and other goodies at DLTK’s Educational Activities site: http://bit.ly/zJV28S

6. More fun downloads that are AAC-friendly at Let’s Book It withTech’Knowledge’y: http://bit.ly/HStHx0

Happy reading!

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