What Went Well: A PrAACtical Look Back at January, 2014

January 31, 2014 by - Leave your thoughts

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The holidays are over and we’ve all been back in AACtion for awhile now. That makes it a good time to share What Went Well. What Went Well: A PrAACtical Look Back at January, 2014Did you ‘reach’ a colleague with an AAC message? Is a parent or caregiver becoming more accepting or involved? Did an AAC learner do something new or  more or better? Did an administrator stop hounding you about minutiae? Reflecting and acknowledging small successes puts much-needed wind in our collective sails.

We’d love it if you took a moment to share some positives from your month. Inchstones, not milestones. Let’s do this together. 

What went well in your prAACtical month?


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