Five Places for Shared AAC Materials

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5 Places for Shared AAC Materials
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One of the most incredible things about the families and professionals who work in the field of AAC is their willingness to share the materials they create. In this post, we link to some of those wonderful sites where you can go to peruse and use AAC materials for communication, therapy, and classroom instruction. Kudos to all the companies and individuals who work so hard to make this collegiality possible!

  1. Speaking of Speech Materials Exchange (AAC) 
  2. Lesson Pix Sharing Center 
  3. Boardmaker Online 
  4. CoughDrop Publicly-shared Boards 
  5. Smarty Symbols Activity Library 

We’re just getting started and ready to expand this list in future posts. Do you have favorite places to go for sharing AAC materials? Let us know so we can continue to develop this list.

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