Throwback Thursday: Looking at AAC Language Learning Activities

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Throwback Thursday: Looking at AAC Language Learning Activities
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What are the language learning priorities for the AAC users in your life?

  • Expanding vocabulary?
  • Increasing sentence length and complexity?
  • Using a greater range of communicative functions?
  • Applying morphological markers?

Given the heterogeneity of our AAC learners, it’s no surprise that the language goals we address are just as diverse. Today, we dig through the archives to highlight activities that can be used to target an array of language learning objectives. Browse through the list to see if you can find some that are of use in your AAC work.

  1. Concept Sorts
  2. Using Surveys to Support Language Learning
  3. Magic Moments with Tellagami
  4. New Word Teaching: A Look Inside Some PrAACtical Therapy Sessions
  5. Teaming Up to Build Communication with a Treat Cart: Part 1, Part 2
  6. AACtual Therapy: Use Your Best Spud to Teach Vocabulary With Tanna Neufeld
  7. PrAACtical Supports for AAC Learners: AT Recipes for Success – Sensorimotor Activities
  8. AAC Intervention: 5 Activities with PrAACtical Potential
  9. Vocabulary Activities: 5 Sites for Learning with Avatars
  10. PrAACtical Teaching in the Autism Classroom: Instructional Activities for Core Vocabulary
  11. Why We Love AAC Language Experience Activities
  12. 5 Ways to Use Word Clouds in AAC Therapy and Magic Moments with Word Clouds
  13. Magic Moments: Painting with Time
  14. Teaching the Use of Social Phrases and Comments
  15. Let’s Go Outside! 5 PrAACtical Ideas
  16. “Can I Ask You a Question?” Language Experience Surveys
  17. 5  PrAACtical Thoughts on Catch-up Conversations
  18. Magic Moments with Sentence Builder
  19. Party Planning
  20. Research Project

Do you have a tried-and-true activity for building language in AAC learners? We’d love to hear about it.


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