Thank You for a PrAACtical Giveaway Celebration

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Thank You for A PrAACtical Giveaway
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Thank You for A PrAACtical AAC Giveaway CelebrationWe wanted to sincerely thank everyone for making our  first ever giveaway a true PrAACtical AAC celebration.  It was so much fun (Thanks Speech Tree, Tech in Special Education, and Rafflecopter).  We hope to be doing more very soon.  We feel like we got to know so many of you and are very appreciative for your participation and interaction.   Congratulations to Jennifer, who is our  winner!

We know that our  giveaway was about  AAC and since everyone could not win, we searched for other opportunities that would give you another chance to win or get funding for an AAC app.

The iMums
The iMums website has a Speech Tree App Giveaway until July 11th.

iTaalk:   App Facilitator Program
iTaalk has a program that will grant apps to applicants with a minimum cost of $25. There is an application process and not all requests can be accommodated but they try very hard to be able to honor as many requests as possible. You must have an iPad/iTouch to participate in this program.

Tech in Special Education
Tech in Special Education  offers free and discounted apps and has many giveaways for AAC apps

Small Steps in Speech
Small Steps in Speech offers grants for communication needs and although traditionally accepts AAC device requests, it seems they would be willing to accept requests for AAC apps.

Autism Speaks

Autism Speaks has a list of organizations that provide family grants. If you find a great one here, please let us know.

*disclaimer- Winning an AAC app or getting funding through these programs is NOT guaranteed. 

Thank you again! Keep reading about AAC at our blog (PrAActical AAC), feel free ask questions, make comments, suggest AAC topics.   Look for our Back to School giveaway soon.

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  • Atlas says:

    Why would you support a eugenics group looking to cUrE aUtiSm (which is literally impossible) that’s also run by a bunch of nts (which should be obvious seeing as what they want to do). Support better organizations that are actually run by autistic people. Actually, to be honest, I’m not even surprised that you do support autism speaks seeing as all posts about AAC users act like the user is a toddler (even the posts about AAC users in HIGH SCHOOL).

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