‘Tech it Up’- 5 Visual Schedule Apps

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5 Visual Schedule Apps
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We have been writing a lot about schedules.  Schedules can be created by using tools  ranging from no-tech to high tech.  Here are 5 great visual schedule apps to help with ‘teching’ up the process.  We think it is important to let you know that ALL of the app developers provide information about the rationales behind schedules and visual learning which adds to our educated AAC consumers.  One of our priorities in ‘blogging’ was to get the information about AAC systems and visual strategies out to more people with the hope that AAC systems will be provided to ALL cpeople who would need it  It is great to see app developers prioritizing this as well.
**Just 2 notes:  for our own personal and business schedules we still use a combination of no-tech to high-tech options) and apps are listed in no particular order

Choice Works
by BeeVisual

+ designed for universal use- for iPad & iTouch/iPhone

Choice Works  is a fully customizable app to create daily or mini-schedules, waiting, and feelings.  Schedules can be enhances by adding a timer.  Schedules can have up to 5 steps but unlimited schedules can be saved.  Check off functions are available. A waiting board can be created and  provides options for reasons for the wait and what to do while waiting.  A ‘waiting’ social story or companion book is included.  A feelings board can be created to indicate ‘being upset’ and then what you do to cope.  A social story is also included on feelings.   Images can be obtained through tan image library or  personal photo library.  Digitized (recorded) speech can be added to images.   BeeVisual also has a no/low-tech companion system to the app.

Visual Schedule Planner

by Good Karma Apps

designed for use with the  for iPad

Visual Schedule Planner is a completely customizable visual schedule  app for the iPad.  The Visual Schedule Planner uses images and video clips to create schedules to represent events in their day.  Images can be obtained through personal images, web images, or camera function.  Events can be viewed in terms of a daily, weekly, or monthly calendar/schedule.  Timers, checklists, reminders and notes are available for each of the schedules but can be turned on or off depending upon need. Notes can be emailed and can be taken by the learner or facilitator. Any schedule or video clips can be hidden if desired.

by Good Karma Applications

+ designed for universal use- for iPad & iTouch/iPhone

First-Then visual schedule is a fully customizable schedule app.  Personal images and digitized (recorded) speech are used to create schedules.  A photo library is also available.  Schedules can easily be re-ordered and can include a checklist option. Schedules can be viewed in a list format, a first-then format (2 images/activities per screen side by side) or a full screen format where one image/activity appears on the screen.  Schedules can be shared through file sharing on iTunes.  For iTouch.iPhone only.

Video Scheduler           


by MDR

+ designed for universal use- for iPad & iTouch/iPhone

Video Scheduler is a fully customizable video and/or picture schedule app. A variety of editing features can be turned on or off.  Options for video and picture size are available.  Schedules can be seen in portrait or landscape view.  Although this app is universal,  video schedules can be viewed only in devices that have built in camera.

My Video Schedule

Acceptional Abilities

+ designed for universal use- for iPad & iTouch/iPhone

My video schedule is a fully customizable video modelling and scheduling app. There is a large pre-prepared video library that include audio and step by step instructions for a variety of home, school, hygiene, and personal care routines.  Schedules can be automatically repeated by time, day, week, or month.  A rewards library that is presented as a choice board is available  to increase motivation for the learner.


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