Site of the Month: Preschool AAC and Visual Supports from Orange County Public Schools

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Site of the Month: Preschool AAC and Visual Supports
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Where can I go to get AAC-friendly resources for preschool children?

Join us as we explore the Wiki sharing space by the Exceptional Student Education Program of Orange County Public Schools in the Orlando, Florida area.  Over the years, their AT team and others have compiled an impressive group of materials that can be used by teachers, therapists, and parents. You can see guest posts on Essential Tricks for Supporting AAC in Schools by some of the team here and here.

In this post, we feature one of their webpages that is used for resource sharing. Many of the files are in Boardmaker format, but there are also some in Word and PDF document formats. Most of the resources are available from the menu on main page (click here). Highlights from this site include:

  1. Unit-based Resources (including classroom and therapy materials, parent letter, & more) are accessible from the main page
  2. Communication Boards with Core Vocabulary (including poster-sized printables) 
  3. Books and Literacy Materials such as these 
  4. Visual Supports 
  5. Scales for Language and Literacy 
  6. Thematic Materials and Visual Supports from the FDLRS Region 3 Team

If there are little AAC learners in your life, this site is worth exploring. Many thanks to the wonderful professionals who support the Orange County Public School preschool special education programs for making these resources available.

Happy exploring!

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  • Mikki Harkin says:

    Loving these resources! Thank you for sharing. I am having trouble opening the communication board. I believe I need to open them in a Boardmaker file but I only have Boardmaker online not on a disc. Does that make a difference?

  • Muthir says:

    Thank you for sharing. I love to visit this blog regularly.
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  • Jack Irby says:

    That’s a really nice list of resources, thanks so much for sharing that. I’ve got a kid in pre-K right now so the more I know the better. I’ll need to sit down later and look through these links. Thanks again.

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