Random Apps of Kindness

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Random Apps of Kindness
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Early Valentine’s Day Surprises!

From time to time we find out about free apps for holidays, other special occasions, or just as a Random Act of Kindness.  We will put out our version of  a ‘Random Apps of Kindness’  post to let you know.  Many will be for the iOS (apple) platform. However, some will be for other platforms like Android, the Web, or even google tv.  Enjoy!

Be a MeeGenius Newsletter Subscriber and Get a Free Valentines Day Book

We wrote a post the other day about MeeGenius and some of the things we Loved about it.     Subscribe for Free to the MeesGenius Newsletter and you get will a Valentines Book added to your Bookshelf free.   The book, I Love You For Who You Are by Meredith Hairston, is a story about a boy who gets assigned a Valentine’s Day project at school. He ends up finding out that love is all around him.  Click here or on the book and enter the coupon code LOYALTY0212.
Free for Sunday: Toca Boca Hair Salon
We talked about Toca Boca Doctor in a previous Magic Moments post.  Toca Boca, very generous app developers that create apps for symbolic and interactive play.  I have to admit, we love them ALL.  There are so many AAC and language goals and concepts that can be incorporated into ALL of their apps.  Kids (or adults) can run their own hair salon. They can cut, color, comb and blow-dry lifelike hair on different characters.  All ‘hair styles’ creations  can be photographed with a snapshot and saved.  So get Toca Boca Hair Salon FREE, just for today (at least that what is listed, sometimes it goes longer).


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