PrAACtically Visual: More Supports for Your Toolbox

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Photo of Tabi Jones WohleberVisual supports are among the most helpful tools that AAC interventionists can use to maximize learning. Tabi Jones-Wohleber’s series on utilizing them in AAC work comes to an end today with a few more visual supports for your toolbox. Tabi is a veteran SLP who has supported individuals with AAC needs in a variety of practice settings.

Many thanks to Tabi for this wonderful series and all of the free downloads that were included. You can access previous posts in the series here.


More Visual Supports for Your Toolbox

I find there is no end to the rabbit-hole of visual supports, once you dive in.  Tools and structures to support comprehension and learning are other categories of resources entirely.  But for the same reasons individuals benefit from cues, structure, permanence, and predictability of process to 1) organize tasks and time, and to 2) learn self-regulation and understand expectations, and 3) communicate across environments, learning activities that provide concreteness and interaction can foster comprehension, learning, and engagement. 

To that end here are a few resources that may be useful for your toolkit.  Click on the images to download each one individually or at the link at the end to download the full set.

Read and Comment Flipbook (Great tool for communication partners!) 

Image of Read and Chat visual support


Interactive Number Line Photo of a number line


All-Turn-It Spinner Color Template & Activity Ideas Image of All Turn It Spinner with animal choices

The All-Turn-It Spinner is available from Ablenet (click here).

You can download this set of visual supports here.

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