PrAACtically Pinteresting with Lauren Enders: AAC Video Examples

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PrAACtically Pinteresting with Lauren Enders: AAC Video Examples
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Among the things that our prAACtical value the most are videos of AAC in action. Lauren Enders once again comes to our rescue with dozens of them to explore. Enjoy!


For this installment of PrAACtically Pinteresting, I’d like to highlight one of the boards that I reference most when working with SLPs, teachers, support staff, and parents who support individuals who are learning to use AAC.  This board is called AAC: Video Examples of Implementation/Aided Language Input and is a compilation of videos that show clinicians, teachers, and parents demonstrating excellent aided language input/stimulation skills with AAC users.  Whenever I come across a new video that is an wonderful example of how to support language development and system learning in an AAC user, I pin it to this board.

When pinning videos, I do my best to represent an array of AAC system types. You will see videos showing various dedicated devices, iPads with different AAC apps, manual boards, PODD books, low tech eye gaze and topic boards. I’m working on adding more examples of modeling with high tech eye gaze users. The key when watching these videos, even if the system is different from your student/client’s system, is focusing on how the therapist is modeling.

PrAACtically Pinteresting with Lauren Enders: AAC Video Examples



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