PrAACtical Resources: Scholarly Articles on Aided AAC

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PrAACtical Resources: Scholarly Articles on Aided AAC
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Today we are excited to share a wonderful collection of articles that help to expand the theoretical underpinnings and empirical knowledge base in AAC. The Augmentative and Alternative Communication journal is providing free access to six articles that are part of an ongoingPrAACtical Resources: Scholarly Articles on Aided AAC international collaboration of researchers and clinicians in 16 nations. You can access articles from this project, entitled “Becoming an Aided Communicator: Aided Language Skills in Children aged 5–15 years: A Multi-site and Cross-cultural Investigation,” below.

Kudos to the International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (ISAAC) and the journal co-editors (Drs. Martine Smith and Bronwyn Hemsley) and Dr. von Tetzchner for making this special issue so widely available.

We hope you enjoy reading Aided Language Processes, Development, and Use: An International Perspective.

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