PrAACtical Plans: Just For Today

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PrAACtical Plans: Just For Today
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Feeling grateful during this holiday season? It’s hard not to get distracted with all the preparations and celebrations but our AAC mission is more important than ever. What prAACtical things are on your agenda? Here are some possibilities.

Just for today…

  • I will speak to an AAC learner using the language he/she is working hard to acquire.
  • I will recognize someone for their efforts to support AAC use.
  • I will read something challenging to see how I can apply it to my AAC work.
  • I will mentally dissect my own therapy or teaching to see where I can improve.
  • I will explore a new AAC-related resource.
  • I will share something of value to the AAC community.
  • I will finish ‘that project.’
  • I will reach out to a discouraged parent or service provider who is on an AAC journey.
  • I will give feedback to an AAC app developer or SGD manufacturer so that they can improve their products.

Just for today, I will appreciate myself for the AAC work that I do. Join me?


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