PrAACtical Fun

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PrAACtical Fun
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It was so gratifying so be at the most recent ASHA and ATIA conferences and notice how many presentations covered some aspect of core vocabulary. The shift away from noun-heavy, activity-based vocabulary has gained significant momentum. Teams who are deeply invested in teaching core words find that it becomes a way of thinking. Still, it’s not as easy as it seems to use core words. We found this fun site that we thought you might like, too. It challenges you to explain or discuss something using only the more frequent 1,000 words. Check out these examples, then try your hand at using core words to explain how to make a favorite recipe, explain what you did at work today, or teach a lesson. If someone can summarize a whole movie or doctoral dissertation with core words, shouldn’t we be able to model them when we speak to AAC learners throughout the day?

PrAACtical Fun

PrAACtical Fun


PrAACtical Fun

Ready for some fun? Try out Up Goer for yourself.



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